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What is DefiLlama?

What is DefiLlama?
What is DefiLlama? Credit: Andrés Núñez/DL News

DefiLlama is a crypto data website. It takes publicly available blockchain data and breaks it down into easy-to-read charts, graphs, and tables that anyone can understand. DefiLlama data is free and open-source, and the main site doesn’t require users to sign up or connect a crypto wallet.

The DefiLlama brand was born in 2020 as a humble TVL tracker counting the total value locked up — total investor deposits — in popular decentralised finance protocols, like Uniswap and Curve, on the Ethereum blockchain.

When the decentralised finance (DeFi) market grew, DefiLlama grew right alongside it. These days, the site tracks over 2,400 protocols across 181 blockchains with a combined TVL of $58 billion. It also tracks metrics like yields, revenues and fundraises, as well as NFTs on 21 marketplaces.

Under its umbrella company called LlamaCorp, DefiLlama has expanded to include data services like portfolio trackers, RPC provider services and crypto news reporting.

Follow along with our series of explainers to learn how to navigate the platform and get the most out of every nook and cranny on the site.

How does DefiLlama work?

DefiLlama is best known for its aggregation of on-chain DeFi data. It covers a range of projects such as decentralised exchanges (DEXs), lending platforms, and liquid staking protocols. By gathering all DeFi data in one place, DefiLlama makes it easy to track the DeFi market across key metrics such as TVL, trading volume and liquidity.

The site is an open-source project that prioritises unbiased data aggregation. To list a protocol on the site, projects submit code that returns on-chain TVL figures, or an API or subgraph to outsource the job.

DefiLlama adapters are also open-source, meaning projects can list themselves, pending approval from DefiLlama’s GitHub community. The API data that DefiLama uses is sourced directly from the blockchain, so it’s as accurate as the smart contracts that feed it.

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Most tokens listed on DefiLlama are priced using CoinGecko’s API.

What data does DefILlama track?

DefiLlama tracks thousands of protocols across all major blockchains. Many of these blockchains, such as Polygon, Fantom and Ethereum layer 2 networks are EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) compatible, which means they are interoperable with Ethereum.

DefiLlama also tracks non-EVM chains, such as Kava, Cardano, and Solana, and pulls data from 21 major NFT marketplaces including OpenSea and Blur.

On the DefiLlama website, you’ll find:

  • Yield tracking. Tracks and compares how much yield DeFi users can earn across different protocols and tokens.
  • LlamaSwap. A trading tool that automatically finds the best prices and the lowest possible fees for token swaps.
  • Token unlock updates. A page that tracks when tokens are scheduled for release onto the market.
  • Centralised exchange (CEX) transparency monitor. Provides a peek behind the curtain of CEXs, some of which provide data about the assets they hold.
  • Cross-chain bridge data. Helps to track flows and volumes across blockchain bridges – protocols that let users send cryptocurrency between blockchains.
  • Governance proposal tracker. Provides data and links to monitor protocol governance via Decentralised Autonomous Organisations — or DAOs.
  • Hack/exploit history. Displays which protocols have been hit by malicious actors, including the amounts lost and a description of the vulnerability.
  • Borrow Aggregator. A tool to simplify lending and borrowing in DeFi by providing market-wide data. This helps to filter out risky protocols and lending conditions.

How is DefiLlama run?

DefiLlama is managed by a core team, some of whom are self-funded and others compensated as employees. These people form a small part of the wider public community, lovingly referred to as “The Llamas.”

The Llamas make themselves heard on GitHub repositories and social media platforms. Motivated Llamas have risen from anonymous contributors to crucial members of the team.

The Llama community counts thousands of followers on Twitter, a Discord community, and several other social media outlets including the DefiLlama Round-up on Telegram.

And what about LlamaCorp?

Llama Corp is the umbrella organisation behind DefiLlama. Beyond the main DefiLlama data site, it operates several other products.

These include:

  • LlamaNodes. An open-source RPC infrastructure service that provides fast and secure access to blockchains.
  • LlamaFolio. An upcoming wallet and portfolio tracker with a suite of analytics features for DeFi users.
  • DL News. A news organisation that provides original, in-depth reporting on cryptocurrency and DeFi.
  • LlamaPay. A non-custodial solution to automate recurring payments, such as salaries for crypto and web3 companies.
  • ChainList. A list of EVM networks. Users can use the information provided to connect their wallets to different blockchains.

What next?

  • Check out LlamaCorp to see the growing variety of products and tools available to Llamas, as well as the stable of Llama employees and contributors.
  • Click to continue exploring the world of DefiLlama with explainers on TVL and DeFi trading volumes.
  • Find out what’s happening in the world of DeFi and beyond at DL News.
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