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Stop me if you’ve heard this crypto joke...

Stop me if you’ve heard this crypto joke...
Crypto conferences now have comedy nights, what could go wrong? Credit: Rita Fortunato/DL News

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Happy Friday!

Adam here. Let me know if you’ve heard this one.

Why didn’t Superman come to the Token2049 comedy event? Because it was a crypto night!

Our very own Callan is in Singapore hitting all the biggest events and most interesting talks at Token2049, where we forced her to also sit through some of those jokes at its crypto stand-up night.

We’re really sorry for making you do that, Callan.

Meanwhile, Osato took a deep dive into a recent phenomenon in DeFi — rage quitting.

Rage quitting isn’t just walking out of a job when you hate your boss.

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In crypto, it’s a growing trend. In the last year alone there have been 12, yes 12, projects that have suffered rage quits.

The new trend occurs when investors effectively end their participation in the DAO. Its growing popularity can be attributed to dissatisfaction with DeFi projects.

The issues don’t end there. Institutions aren’t interested in DeFi, according to Compounds Robert Leshner.

Institutions just aren’t excited about trading or borrowing crypto or “some random shitcoin” someone made at 2 am, Leshner told attendees at Permissionless in Austin this week, where Aleks was our man on the ground.

That’s all for this week, have a great weekend,

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