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Linea users rage after ‘waiting for six days’ to get Ether withdrawals unstuck from bridge

Linea users rage after ‘waiting for six days’ to get Ether withdrawals unstuck from bridge
Joseph Lubin is the founder of ConsenSys, which has developed Linea.
  • Linea users say their funds are stuck on the project’s bridge due to ongoing issues.
  • The issues affect users trying to withdraw their Ether from the layer 2 blockchain.

Layer 2 blockchain Linea’s ongoing bridge issues have left users stranded barely a fortnight after its mainnet launch.

Bridge protocols allow users to send tokens across different blockchain. Layer 1 refers to a blockchain and layer 2 refers to a third-party integration that can be used in conjunction with the blockchain.

While Linea has reportedly fixed the issues, several users say they are still unable to withdraw their Ether from the layer 2 network to the Ethereum blockchain.

“The team is working hard to speed up transactions of bridged assets from L2 to L1,” the team tweeted on July 24.

“Withdrawal times should gradually reduce till we hit the target of [eight to 32] hours over the next few days,” Linea said. “Rest assured, all pending transactions will be processed.”

Linea also said users have bridged $20 million in crypto assets on its network in the last week.

Web3 developer ConsenSys is the company behind Linea. Its founder Joseph Lubin has said that the aim of Linea is to provide “seamless withdrawals.”

Monday’s statement comes days after users began complaining of unusually long delays in Ether withdrawals.

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Normally, this process can take up to 32 hours, according to Linea, but complaints on the project’s Discord server suggest some user funds have been stuck since July 18.

‘I’ve been waiting for six days already’

“Dear developers, who can tell me how much longer I have to wait for my ETH that is stuck in the Linea bridge? I’ve been waiting for six days already,” a community member called Ibaba said.

In Linea’s case, the layer 2 network’s official bridge enables Ether deposits from Ethereum to Linea, as well as withdrawals from Linea to Ethereum.

However, “a batch submission issue” had ground withdrawals between the Linea and Ethereum blockchains to a halt, Roo, a Linea Discord admin said on July 21.

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The batch submission issue affected withdrawals because of the way Linea processes cross-chain communication with the Ethereum blockchain.

“The Linea team worked on a fix and they deployed one,” Roo said. “The batch submission has been resumed [but] it will take time to catch up with the L2 head.”

Even though Linea said a fix has been deployed, the batch submission process to the Ethereum network appears to not have synchronised with the requests submitted on the layer 2 chain, hence the ongoing delays.

Linea did not return requests for clarification on when the fix was deployed and to comment on the issues raised.

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Several users criticised the project’s team for not disclosing more information about the issues.

“It is understandable that there are problems with the mainnet launch but on issues related to the safe whereabouts of funds, the team needs to update the daily progress to ease people’s concerns and MOD’s work pressure,” one user said.

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