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Ekin Genç is DL News’ Managing Editor

Ekin Genç is DL News’ Managing Editor

Ekin Genç

After working in consulting and public policy in Istanbul, Brussels, London and Washington DC, he turned to journalism in 2020.

Ekin has published more than 600 articles about cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens, decentralised finance and decentralised autonomous organisations. A freelance contributor to Decrypt, CoinDesk, Culture3, Motherboard (VICE), and Fortune, he has been referenced in the New York Times, The Guardian and academic journals.

“My goal as a crypto journalist is to help audiences appreciate this nascent industry and look beyond the hype and the cynicism,” he says.

“Crypto has always fascinated me as a political force, the separation of money from the state,” he adds. “Its ethos of ‘permissionless innovation’, open-source development and decentralisation are values that speak to me dearly.”

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While working as a crypto journalist, Ekin often relied on DL News’ sister company DeFi Llama for analysis and reports on the state of protocols, bridges, and blockchains.

DeFi Llama is well known in the crypto community as reliable and tireless “shippers” of products and features, he said. When the opportunity arose to join DL News, he seized it.

“A news startup associated with the llamas had only positive connotations in my mind. And that shipper mentality is my guiding principle as we build out an innovative and reliable news platform,” Ekin says.

“It’s so rewarding to be covering an industry that’s enduringly complex with plenty of intellectual stimulation.”