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We are always on the lookout for editors, journalists, and business professionals interested in building the best crypto news brand out there.

We pride ourselves on creating a workplace where our team is encouraged to be creative, take chances, and grow both professionally and personally. We have each others back, and regardless of our remote nature, we remain a team.
Our company values of accuracy, honesty and responsibility to our readers is what drives us every day. We are on a mission to deliver the most comprehensive in-depth reporting on cryptocurrency and decentralised finance in the market.
I joined DL News in May 2023 and it has been the best decision of my career. I was trusted with responsibilities from early on, giving me the chance to learn and grow daily in an industry that I was not familiar with (and still learning about!). Despite our fully remote and global team, we have created an atmosphere of digital togetherness whilst remaining independent and flexible. The amount of support I receive from management and the team makes me genuinely happy with my job.
Sharmaine Corpus
Head of Human Resources
Working for DL News means writing alongside many of the crypto industry's finest journalists. We've got a wonderful cocktail of crypto natives, regulation nerds, and veteran finance reporters, all bringing unique skills to the table. It's exhilarating, and it pushes you to produce your best work. Everyone is super smart, talented and kind. And because of the team's high quality standards, you always find yourself writing articles you're proud of.
Tom Carreras
Markets Correspondent
I feel privileged to have joined DL News prior to our launch, and to have grown with the company. I’m afforded the space to continually learn and develop my skills while collaborating with an exceptional remote team. Each day presents new opportunities for improvements, adding a sense of fun and excitement into the job. I genuinely enjoy being a part of this company.
Bruna Leão
Product Manager - IT
Markets Editor/Correspondent
DL News is looking for a talented editor and journalist to join our growing newsroom.
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