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The economic impact of digital assets in Europe

The economic impact of digital assets in Europe
Credit: Darren Joseph

The new generation of European investors may have a higher risk appetite than their parents, according to the latest report by DL Research, The State of Digital Assets in Europe. This growing cohort is supporting steady industry growth in recent years, despite a tumultuous recent crypto winter.

Since 2022, the digital assets industry has faced significant challenges in the global arena, as high-profile company meltdowns and an onslaught of regulatory enforcement left stakeholders reeling. Europe, however, has shown greater resilience, and the growing pains now appear to be paying off.

The “Economic Impact” chapter of The State of Digital Assets in Europe highlights steady growth in investment volumes and user numbers across the European market, which is benefiting from pent-up demand for higher-yield investment products and improved market conditions.

The chapter also details how the European Union’s landmark digital assets legislation, Markets in Crypto Assets, is expected to pave the way for sustainable growth, despite the notable near-term challenges it presents to investors and entrepreneurs.

Commentary from leading experts is featured, including John Schindler, secretary general of the Financial Stability Board, who told DL Research that the crypto industry does not pose a systemic risk to the global financial system. Laurent Benayoun, CEO of automated market maker Acheron Trading, and Elisabeth Noble, senior policy advisor at the European Banking Authority, are also featured.

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