Justin Sun says gas-free transfers of stablecoins coming to Tron this year

Justin Sun says gas-free transfers of stablecoins coming to Tron this year
Justin Sun says he plans to deploy new service on Tron later this year. Credit: Darren Joseph
  • Sun says his team is developing gas-free stablecoin transfers.
  • The service will be deployed this year on Tron, he says.
  • Sun offers no technical details on how the transfers will work

Justin Sun, founder of Tron, said in a series of posts on X that his team is developing a new solution that will enable gas-free transfers of stablecoins.

“In other words,” he said, “transfers can be made without paying any gas tokens, with the fees being entirely covered by the stablecoins themselves.”

He said the innovation would be implemented on the Tron blockchain first, then later expanded to Ethereum and Ethereum Virtual Machine-compatible blockchains.

Sun said that he anticipates launching the service in the fourth quarter.

“I believe that similar services will greatly facilitate large companies in deploying stablecoin services on the blockchain, elevating blockchain mass adoption to a new level,” Sun said in the posts.

He offered no details on how the gas-free transfers will work.

Sun and his associated companies were sued by the US Securities and Exchange Commission last year, DL News has reported.

The regulator alleges that Sun used companies he controls to orchestrate the offer and sale of unregistered security tokens, marketing them to Americans via celebrity endorsements, airdrops, and public appearances.

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Sun, who is Chinese, and the companies claim the SEC has no jurisdiction over them, and in March asked the court to dismiss the suit.

The SEC replied in April that it does have jurisdiction over the case, given the extensive time Sun has spent in the US.