These Trump-themed memecoins are surging after Supreme Court immunity ruling

These Trump-themed memecoins are surging after Supreme Court immunity ruling
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Donald Trump-themed memecoins rallied over the past 24 hours. Credit: Darren Joseph
  • The Supreme Court’s ruling onDonald Trump’s actions while in office is rocking crypto markets.
  • Jill Boden, Trumpie and Jeo Boden jumped as well.

Politically themed memecoins rallied on the back of the US Supreme Court ruling that Donald Trump cannot be prosecuted for his official acts as president.

While the decision from the ultraconservative court dented prosecutors’ plans to prosecute the former president for his role in the 2021 attack on the Capitol, holders of political memecoins had reason to celebrate.

Political memecoins highlight the growing role crypto has in this election cycle and vice-versa, with industry insiders betting on the outcome of the November vote to catapult Bitcoin to new heights.

The industry has poured millions into swaying politicos in Washington and it seems to be working — both prospective parties’ presidential front-runners have warmed to crypto and  Congress recently voted through sweeping pro-crypto policies.

At the same time, crypto betting sites like Polymarket have become a prime place to gauge the temperature of the electorate.

What memecoins rallied

Memecoins have emerged as a measure of how political candidates are doing — or at least how much airtime they get.

Following the Supreme Court ruling, several of these tokens skyrocketed.

Jeo Boden — a play on the president’s name — surged 25.7% over the past 24 hours.

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Similarly Trumpie, Doland Tremp, and MAGA Again jumped 14.7%, 7.1% and 0.4%, respectively.

Jill Boden — a deliberate misspelling of the First Lady’s name — emerged as an outlier, skyrocketing 110% over the past 24 hours.

Not all politically-themed memecoins fared the same.

FreeTrump dropped 20% over the same period while PepeTrump, Hunter Boden — reference to Biden’s son — and MAGA Hat fell 18.5%, 15.9% and 11.7% respectively.

DJT — the controversial memecoin touted by former pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli, who maintains it was created with Trump’s son Barron — is down 2.84%.

Do memecoins matter?

Joke currencies are a growing business.

They generated over $4 billion in trades over the past 24 hours alone and command a total market value of about $52 billion.

Ryan McMillin, chief investment officer at crypto fund Merkle Tree Capital, recently told DL News he expects the memecoin trend to catapult the SOL token on Solana — the blockchain many memecoins are traded on — to a record $400 in the coming months.

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