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Bitcoin miner Marathon rolls out ‘phased plan’ to reduce noise in Texas as demand for BTC soars

Bitcoin miner Marathon rolls out ‘phased plan’ to reduce noise in Texas as demand for BTC soars
A never-ending thrum from 80,000 Bitcoin mining rigs is driving residents in a Texas town crazy. Credit: Shutterstock AI
  • Marathon lays out a number of steps to suppress ceaseless din from 80,000 rigs.
  • Rising opposition to Bitcoin mining in Texas is challenging the industry.
  • Marathon pledges better community outreach.

Marathon Digital, the top listed Bitcoin miner in the US, has developed a plan to reduce noise from a facility that has drawn protests from nearby residents in Granbury, Texas.

Marathon executives shared the project with residents during a “meet and greet” session last week.

To quiet the ceaseless thrum from the cooling fans on 80,000 computers, the company plans to move some of them to immersion technology. This process submerges the rigs into a solution to keep them from overheating.

Planting trees

Marathon is also planning to extend a 24-foot high sound barrier and plant trees around the perimeter of the site, according to a flyer highlighting the steps seen by DL News.

Marathon spokespersons did not respond to requests for comment by DL News.

Phased plan flyer shared at Marathon meeting in March.

For the past two years, people who live in Granbury have complained about the noise generated from the site, which sounds like a highway and runs 24 hours a day. In February, DL News reported how Granbury residents had organised protests and demanded that Marathon do something to quiet the facility.

They said the sound was causing a slew of health problems and had even driven away wild animals.

Noise pollution is just the latest complaint confronting the Bitcoin mining industry. Critics have also assailed mining firms for using excessive water and taking advantage of precious tax breaks.

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Marathon, which has a market capitalisation of $5 billion, acquired the Granbury facility in January 2024. On March 14, Marathon announced that it had hired Stacie Howell as a community manager to liaise between the company and the community.

Marathon’s CEO Fred Thiel said in the firm’s latest operational update that the site was transitioning a portion of its Granbury site “to immersion to optimise performance.”

The issue comes as demand for Bitcoin is soaring so high there are supply shortages.

Hut 8, one of the largest publicly traded Bitcoin mining companies in the US, told DL News this week that major banks recently contacted the firm to buy Bitcoin directly from the miner.

Marathon shopping for deals

A Marathon representative told DL News in February that it would wield its large balance sheet to capitalise on acquisitions ahead of the halving event when miners’ rewards are cut from 6.25 to 3.125 Bitcoin.

The halving occurs roughly every four years and has routinely preceded large price rallies for Bitcoin.

As of March 31, the mining firm holds a combined $1.5 billion in cash and Bitcoin on its balance sheet. That month, Marathon announced plans to acquire a 200-megawatt Bitcoin mine for $87 million.

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