’s potential $500m airdrop sees users rush back in ahead of V2’s potential $500m airdrop sees users rush back in ahead of V2 is expected to launch V2 at the end of April with users already piling in for a piece of the potential $500 million airdrop. Credit: Rita Fortunato/DL News
  • saw $7.4 million deposited into the platform yesterday, the highest daily sum this year.
  • In V1, 90 million points were distributed, and an additional 10 million are set to be distributed in V2, with the current value of points exceeding $5 apiece on secondary markets.
  • V2 is expected to launch at the end of April, and users are already piling into the platform., a socialfi platform, saw over $7.4 million deposited into the platform yesterday — the largest single day of deposits since October 25 — as the protocol prepares for the launch of V2 alongside its highly anticipated airdrop. lets users buy keys to chatrooms of other users. There is a 10% fee when purchasing a key, with 5% going to the key owner and 5% going to the team.

Socialfi is short for social finance, a new trend in Web3 that blends social media networks with financialization.

ft announced on March 22, on X, formerly known as Twitter, that the entire supply of tokens will be distributed to its users.

This is significantly more than what might be considered standard for airdrops; for example, the recent airdrop from Wormhole on April 3 saw 17% airdropped to users at launch.

In V1, users accumulated points every Friday, primarily influenced by the volume of Ether they deposited into the platform. Some 90 million points were distributed to users in V1 with another 10 million slated for distribution in V2.

This system favoured large account holders, enabling them to amass substantial quantities of points, often reaching into the hundreds of thousands.

As of recent transactions on Whales Market — a secondary platform for peer-to-peer point sales — these points have surged in value, now selling for over $5 each, up from their pre-March 22 valuation of $1 to $3 on the same market.

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With the upcoming launch of V2, the large account holders are now inherently motivated to promote and support, given the potential for returns.

The success of V2, however, ultimately hinges on its ability to introduce compelling new features, especially considering the previous user feedback about the platform’s limited functionality.

The platform’s founder, 0xracer, shared previews in their chatroom, highlighting upcoming additions in V2. These include a native decentralised exchange, tradable collectibles, and enhancements to the chatroom user experience, among others.

Still, users seem to be front-running the release of V2 later this month.

Total transactions, USD deposits, and protocol fees all made yearly highs yesterday.


This surge put in the 11th spot for fees generated in the last 24 hours according to data from DefiLlama.

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