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A conversation with Owen Zhuang, CTO, Bybit

A conversation with Owen Zhuang, CTO, Bybit
Owen Zhuang, CTO, Bybit Credit: Owen Zhuang

What is Bybit’s vision for the “best crypto bridge”? What specific features or functionalities are in development to further enhance the user experience when connecting with the crypto world?

We are creating a simple and secure connection between Web2 and Web3. The Bybit Web3 Wallet is our primary tool, and offers a roadmap and robust security for users venturing into the decentralised internet. Our new Bybit NFT Pro platform brings NFTs to regular users, including our visionary digital art project, the Velocity Series, which has seen over $11.4m in trading volume.

Of course, none of this will help anyone without free educational resources. To this end, we have the Crypto Ark Space, which provides free Web3 education, bridging the knowledge gap so anyone can benefit from the opportunities of the new Internet.

Finally, we have our Airdrop Arcade, which connects users with qualified new crypto projects and allows them to earn free tokens. These initiatives open the gates, making crypto more accessible and interconnected.

With more than 31m global users, Bybit’s client base is diverse. It is also growing fast. . How is the company tailoring its user experience to cater to different user needs and experience levels?

We have an extensive collection of free resources on Bybit Learn that cover everything from beginner to advanced level activities, including Bybit Trader’s Year of 2024. We are intent on educating new traders in the derivatives market by simplifying user interfaces and making the trading process easier to understand.

We also offer copy trading and trading bots so new users can start their journey with effective, and customisable rails to help them with position sizing and risk management.

However, the real challenge is creating user-friendly products that don’t require extensive education.

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To that end, we are building intuitive and simple products that guide users toward their financial goals through gamified systems and clear, easy-to-use features.

The crypto landscape is constantly evolving. How does Bybit, through its hiring strategy and technological roadmap, ensure it stays ahead of the curve and adapts to future trends in the industry?

Our technological roadmap is designed to keep us ahead of the curve. By leveraging cutting-edge technologies and implementing robust, scalable solutions, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of security, performance, and innovation.

We are continuously improving our infrastructure to support high-frequency trading, ensure system stability, and deliver exceptional user experiences. Through our strategic investments in AI, blockchain technology, and cloud computing, we are also poised to lead the industry in technological advancements and stay responsive to the dynamic needs of the crypto market.

We are building the top team in the industry by recruiting elite talent and offering the most competitive compensation. Our team is building the industry’s leading trading system, emphasising security, fairness, high performance with low latency, stability, high throughput, and rapid iterative improvement. The goal is to provide users with the very best product experience.

We are also dedicating significant resources to enhance our products and provide a best-in-class user experience. A notable example is the recent launch of the iPad version of the Bybit App, designed to offer users a more versatile and convenient trading experience. This addition demonstrates our focus on making our platform accessible and user-friendly across various devices.

Perhaps more significantly, Bybit is enhancing its copy trading platform with the introduction of AI-powered tools including Master Trader Compare and TradeGPT Master Trader. These advancements make cryptocurrency trading more accessible and straightforward for users of all experience levels, reinforcing Bybit’s position as a leading platform in the crypto market.

Our goal at Bybit is to make web3 easy to use. To achieve this, we have developed user-friendly on-and-off ramps, a debit card for seamless transactions, and comprehensive educational tools. Through these initiatives, Bybit is ensuring that we not only adapt to future trends, but also lead the way in making cryptocurrency and web3 accessible to everyone.

On the recruitment front, we recently hired more than 100 new employees. Current global recruitment efforts focus strongly on product development, technology, and senior leadership roles. This strategic expansion reflects our commitment to staying at the forefront of the crypto industry and ensuring we are well-positioned to adapt to and lead future trends.